Ukulele Online Course Pricing

Ukulele Online Course comes with a step-by-step video home study course to help students excel in playing Ukulele. The course requires no prior experience or knowledge about the instrument, chords, and stuff. You can master this instrument by following all the instructions as a beginner.

The online course has all these components:

  1. Video Lessons: Get instant access to 100+ video lessons with unlimited validity. New lessons are added every week on the membership portal.
  2. How to play Famous Songs: Now you can fulfil the dream of playing your favourite songs on the Ukulele. There are over 100 Song tutorials with new songs added every week.
  3. Genre Specific Training: Yes. Jazz, R&B, Rock, Classics, Country, Gospel, Pop and many more!
  4. Online Tools and Software: There are dozens of Online Tools like Virtual Ukulele, Flashcards, etc.
  5. Music Sheets: Complimentary access to 1000+ printable Ukulele music sheets for different genres and categories.
  6. Community: Free access to an active forum of fellow learners where you share your experiences and knowledge.
  7. Online Support and Training: Unlimited online premium support from our tons of ukulele teachers!
  8. Money Back Guarantee: The course is covered by a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.
The complete package is priced only at 27$ [ Under the 3 days sale ] which is a very fair one time price for such productive video course. It servers a greater purpose and is a great value for money deal as taking these lessons offline easily costs thousands of dollars.

And there are no Ukulele video course in the Industry with matching quality and price. Reviews from the many students reveals that Ukulele Online Course: Rocket Ukulele is the best ukulele course on the internet ever created .