5 Easy Ukulele Playing Tips For Beginners

Learning to play the ukulele is more of a marathon than a sprint. No matter how much you practice in the short term. It is your long-term commitment that determines how well you play. Ukulele Playing tips or training can help you but only it is always the practice that will take you next level.

But how do you keep your motivation up in the long term? It must be the lessons you take to practice consistently. Training helps a lot and can boost your learning speed manyfold. If you are looking for step-by-step video lessons then you must check out the Ukulele Online Course that has 100+ Video lessons, 100+ Songs tutorials, 1000+ song sheets, and 1000$ worth of Ukulele training aid. Here are the few Ukulele Playing Tips you can implement while practicing ukulele at home:

1) Play As Slow As You Can

When people start playing an instrument, they often equate good play with fast play. That makes them very eager to play as soon as possible. This is a big mistake. If you play too fast and too early, your game will be sloppy and too prone to failure. 

2) Don’t Practice Mistakes

The brain works in a very specific way when you practice. It’s easy. The more often you do a particular movement, the easier it will be for your brain to do it in the future. This simple fact has a huge impact on making your practice effective. 

This idea means that playing the same phrase over and over until you get it right is not effective. If you play a phrase and make a mistake. It’s more likely that you will make a mistake the next time you try to play the phrase. In this case, practicing can backfire. So how can you make the practice effective and avoid this trap? Play as slow as you can.

3) Don’t Get Frustrated

It is absolutely essential that you slow down your game as much as possible. Play so slowly that you can’t be wrong. That means playing very slowly at the beginning. It’s important not to get frustrated at this stage. Every time you get a phrase right, no matter how slow it is, you are laying the foundation for getting it to play correctly at full speed. 

4) Keep The Beat During The Chord Changes 

One of the most common mistakes you see in beginners is chord changes. They often strum at full speed, strike a chord change, come to a complete stop on the chord change. And then turn off at full speed. This is not an efficient way of playing. 

You need to slow down so you can switch chords while maintaining a steady rhythm to your beat. Don’t worry about how slow it means you have to play first. When you are learning a new chord change, it will take a while before you can switch smoothly. But once you do. it will be under your fingers every time you need it. 

Go back slightly (at a speed that you can play without making mistakes) and practice the phrase over and over. This will get your fingers used to certain movements. At some point, these movements become second nature. 

After practicing like this for a few days. Return to a slightly higher speed. Can you play it at this speed now? If possible, increase the speed again until the errors reappear. 

The big advantage of how fast you can play is that it is very easy to measure. On the flip side. It can get a little boring playing the same exercise over and over again.

5) Set Repertoire Goals 

Adding new songs and melodies to your repertoire is a lot more fun while practicing. However, because it is less vigorous, it is not always as effective as speed training. It is also much more difficult to measure how well you are playing as there is no concrete measurement. 

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